April 15, 2014  -  Issue # 705  - Focusing on Fall Fears

Fear of Falling - Preventing Falls and Fear

Most caregivers are aware of the importance of preventing falls. When a fall occurs, the results can be life-changing. While we all realize the significance of a broken bone that may result from a fall, what we sometimes fail to acknowledge is the broken spirit that may occur after a fall. Many elders who fall never fully regain the confidence in their ability to navigate around their home or near steps. They may experience a fear of falling again that may cause them to limit their activity

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April 10, 2014  -  Issue # 704

Of Bunnies, Backyards and Beach Bummin’

Although during the next two weeks we celebrate Passover and Easter, don our new holiday garb, and do everything for the young ones from hiding the matzah to holding Easter egg rolls, believe it or not, summer is also just around the corner. As such, we are proud to announce the launch of the 14th annual Today’s Caregiver magazine and caregiver.com Summer of Respite Campaign. The campaign is specifically designed to give a break to the most important person in your loved one’s life—you…

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April 3, 2014 - Issue # 702

7 Essential Do’s and Don’ts for People Caring for Caregivers

One year ago, my father was diagnosed with Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome, a form of dementia resulting from chronic alcohol abuse. My dad, who worked hard his entire life, raised a family and built a strong reputation in his community, spent the last 10 years of his life succumbing to this terrible disease that befalls so many. After the official dementia diagnosis, I was appointed his guardian and my family and I made the excruciating decision to place him in an assisted living facility…


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Fearless Caregiver Conference Survey

Help us prepare for the 20th Anniversary tour of the Fearless Caregiver Conference around the country

…The next few words spoken by the social worker jerked me back seven years to the night my father passed away… “Does he have a living will?”

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- Respite for two

- Karen’s Story - I was both a patient and a caregiver at the same time

- End of Life Tips for Caregivers

- Sharing Wisdom

Oh boy, there goes mom again: “I want to go home! Take me home!” She actually is home, but she wants to go back to her home from childhood.

“Delores, come here!” Her sister’s name was Delores, but your name is Elaine, and her sister passed away long ago.


These are just some examples of what caregivers go through when living with a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease …more

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  • Understanding Overactive Bladder
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Loving your loved one’s best friend SNEAK PEEK OF NEXT ISSUE’S COVER INTERVIEW

Loving your loved one’s best friend SNEAK PEEK OF NEXT ISSUE’S COVER INTERVIEW

Loving your loved one’s best friend


Loving your loved one’s best friend